Western Disturbances,
Ice Brought down from the High Mountains
Alex Cunningham
Western Disturbances
Is this a warning of the inherent folly in expectation? Or a guide on how to not find what you weren’t really looking for? I went to her home when I was told she would be there. I heard her whispers, jeers, poems, and songs, but I never saw her. This film is not about the South Asian monsoon. It is about my two-month silent conversation with her.
Performance and Screening

Western Disturbances

Ice Brought down from the High Mountains
A collection of four short films on 16mm chart the formal, thematic, and stylistic evolution of the artist over two years. Experiments with structure in filmmaking run parallel to the ideas of uncertainty and instability explored in the works. A five-word film poem, a silent in-camera document set to imaginary music, a dissonant handmade love and travel metaphor film, and an attempted documentary of the birth story of earth and of the human psychology.
Short films:
Raining Ragas nos. 1-6
Zeniths and Nadirs : the oscillations of beginning, and so always

Screening of 16mm work

Ice Brought down from the High Mountains